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Coming from a decades long passion for photography, we gave up the nine- to- five to do what we really love. Spending time with people, from all backgrounds, on one of the most special days of their life. For us, there is no greater pleasure than the privilege of sharing the intimacy, fun and emotions of a wedding. 


Natural, emotional, timeless


Our aim is to leave you with pictures that you will look at, again and again, and treasure, for many years to come. Every time you revisit your wedding pictures, we want you to be reminded of the emotions that you felt, the fun and laughter of your wedding day, the sheer joy of getting married. How do we do that? We take pictures that capture those emotions, that laughter, that joy, in a relaxed, informal way. We photograph how you feel, as much as how you look. We don't make you stand, stiffly, for poses. Instead, we allow you to relax and to be your real self!  


Lee Stevens

A photographer for twenty years, a member of the Royal Photographic Society, a Getty Images contributor and published, over the years, in numerous magazines, books and websites. Originally from the south east of England, I moved to the beautiful island of Cyprus in 2001.


Cyprus is an incredibly popular destination for weddings. And it's easy to see why. Stunning locations and year round sunshine. I've spent the last 20 years living and working in this beautiful town which I now proudly call home.


Cyprus is not just about weddings, though. It's also a landscape and wildlife photographers dream location, with fantastic countryside, rugged mountains, remote villages and coastlines. I love to spend time out and about, exploring the most remote and stunning places on the island. Always with a camera in my hand!


Denise Holman

Our dedicated and hard working second shooter and technical assistant, a passionate and talented photographer,  Dee, originally from the south coast of England, has been in Cyprus for over ten years. Her ability to take pictures of people at their most relaxed and comfortable is a real skill. Along with her in-depth technical knowledge of cameras and photography, Dee is a huge asset to the team. She has the ability to adapt to any changing situation and keep up with the fast pace of a typical wedding day! Dee will do whatever it takes to get the shot.

Outside of weddings, Dee and her husband are both qualified scuba diving instructors who like to spend as much time as possible exploring the hidden, underwater world. They dive in Cyprus throughout the year but often spend winter time having a well earned break, enjoying diving expeditions in Australia and New Zealand!

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